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At Step & Spine Physical Therapy, we believe that education is critical to helping people feel better so they can live better. Our video series was developed to help you identify quality and reliable physical therapy exercises and tips to assist with injury prevention and long-term health and wellness. Each video is presented by one of our Central Oregon physical therapists. The videos are not intended to be substitutes for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your medical provider or physical therapist for guidance before starting any exercise regimen.

Get to Know Step & Spine Physical Therapy

The Redmond Chamber of Commerce featured Step & Spine Physical Therapy in a Member Byte. Learn more about SSPT’s unique approach to physical therapy in Central Oregon. Our five locations in Bend, Eagle Crest, Redmond, and Sisters, OR have physical therapists who offer different specialties and expertise to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Barrett Ford’s Total Body Stretch Sequence

Presented by physical therapist and co-founder of Step & Spine Physical Therapy, Barrett Ford. Watch to learn a sequence of stretches for the entire body that will help improve joint mobility and flexibility to prepare the body for the day ahead. The sequence is designed to help reduce the risk of injury and is presented in a format that goes from head to toes.

Shoulder Injury Prevention Series

Chris Campbell, PT, DPT explains why shoulder injuries are so common and sets the stage for his series of exercises that will help increase range of motion, mobility, and strength of the shoulder region. He also provides four of the most important shoulder exercises and stretches for shoulder strengthening and improving mobility.

View the Series Using the Following Links:
Exercise 1 – Is Ts and Ys
Exercise 2 – Standing External Rotation
Exercise 3 & 4 – Corner Pec Stretch & Upper Thoracic Extension

Ski Conditioning Series

Bend physical therapist, Aaron Leonard, PT, DPT introduces a series of exercises developed to help you build strength in preparation for skiing as well as injury prevention.

View the Series Using the Following Links:
Part 1 – Ski Squats
Part 2 – Single & Hamstring Bridge
Part 3 – Resisted Standing Trunk Rotation

Pelvic Floor Disorders

Both men and women can have pelvic floor dysfunction. Redmond PT and pelvic disorder expert, Brittany Estuesta, PT, DPT describes pelvic floor dysfunction and how pelvic floor physical therapy can be beneficial in helping patients find relief without surgery or medication.

View the Series Using the Following Links:
Part 1 – Diaphragmatic Breathing
Part 2 – Kegels (Pelvic Floor Muscle Contraction)
Part 3 – Urge Management Techniques